Build It Group, General Contractor Temecula, is a company who is responsible for the day-to-day operations and oversight of a construction and remodeling project. In addition to this general role, a general contractor is responsible for acting as the intermediary between the design team, the construction workers and the owner of the project. As the liaison, a general contractor will communicate with all those individuals and organizations involved in the project.

The Responsibilities of Build It Group:
Before the commencement of a construction project, a general contractor will visit and assess the construction site. When evaluating the property, the contractor will come up with an expected price for the project, known as the estimate. Upon determining the price for the property, the contractor then evaluates the cost of all materials, equipment, as well as the cost of labor. After analyzing the expected cost of the project, the contractor will provide the owner of the building with an estimated price for the entire home construction process.
Following the delivery of the expected price for the project, the contractor will draw up contracts for the owner, the employees and the design team. These contracts will elaborate on the budget and the conditions revolving around the plans and specifications of the project. Build It Group General Contractor Temecula will utilize a design professional, such as an architect, to evaluate the necessities of the project in alignment with the building’s design or structure. That being said, the contractor will commonly act as the project engineer or the project manager in the majority of construction sites.
What is a Contractor Responsible for?
A general contractor is responsible for providing the construction companies and the individual workers with all material, including labor, equipment and those services necessary for the construction of the project. In order to accomplish these tasks, the contractor will incorporate specialized subcontractors to perform specialized tasks or portions of the construction process.
The responsibilities of a Build It Group General Contractor Temecula will vary depending on the size and complexity of the construction effort. In a general sense, a contractor is responsible for providing or accomplishing the following tasks: filing for building permits, , providing engineering functions and surveying for the site, securing the property, managing the workers, providing materials and utilities on site, disposing of wastes left over by the construction process, monitoring the schedules of workers, balancing the costs of the project and maintain accurate records regarding the finances and the construction process as a whole.
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Build It Group, General Contractor Temecula, believes that a home is where a family’s history is written. It needs to grow as your family grows. Our contractors and project coordinators help you design your space and create your new dream home.

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Getting the most function out of any space in the home is key. With a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it’s essential. From a cozy, beautiful space to grand master- suites, we can transform your dream kitchen or bath into a reality.

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As an experienced General Contractor, Build It Group is able to provide all types of landscape designs It installations including hardscape It softscape such as concrete, bricks, rocks, slate, irrigation, drainage, lighting, planting and more.

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As a leading general contractor, we have been SERVING CALIFORNIA FOR GENERATIONS


Midsummer of 1887, Edgar Build arrived in Los Angeles, California with .16 cents in his pocket. Today there is a historical plaque at the site of the old ranch house just off Whittier Blvd. His life as a Rancher and Builder is well documented in California history. He was one of the co-founders of the town of Whittier and his construction company constructed the very first house in that town.

His son Elry, in 1933, continued with E.A. Build Construction and transportation. His PUC permit number was 337. The third permit issued in 1937.

His son, Jerry, in 1949 started Build and Group Grading and Paving. Building many of the roads the highways still traveled today.

His son, Tim, in 1984 founded Build and Group General Contractors and licensed by the State of California, continuing on the family tradition since 1887.

Hard work, honesty, pride of workmanship and customer satisfaction continues to this day. Thank you for letting us share this small part of California history.

Should you ever travel to Groupoma, California, turn west four blocks and you will be on Build Blvd., Build Springs, California.

As a leading General Contractor, we now service clients in Temecula and surrounding cities.

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Building Dreams for Generations Now. As a leading General Contractor, Build It Group is committed to excellence. We are a company built on family values. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding expectations and gaining trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

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Build It Group General Contractor, we only hire the best and then empower them to become even better. We take our responsibility to our employees seriously and work hard every day to provide the tools, the training and opportunities they need in order to be leaders in their field. We believe that we set an example and expect the same high standards.



Build It Group General Contractor is truly a comprehensive construction partner. We provide a full range of services services and take a project from concept to completion on time and on budget. We work closely with Temecula clients and team from the earliest phases of pre-project planning through construction to final reveal.

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Build It Group will take a set of plans and turn them into a building. They’ll orchestrate the comings and goings of the workers, order mate­rials, inspect the work done, coordinate an ever-changing schedule, and handle the paperwork, which will include material bills, payroll, and issuing invoices to you, the homeowner.

They will also arrange for the subcontractors—the excavation contractors, plumbers, electricians, dry-wallers, tilers, roofers, and foundation crew, whatever and whoever is needed. It is Build It Group, General Contractor Temecula, responsibility to make sure the subs do their jobs on time and in strict accordance with the plans.

As with an architect, you sign a contract with the Build It Group that obligates you to make certain payments at specified points during construction. In return, they assumes responsibility for the entire building process.

When hiring a smaller general contractor, determine how much experience the head man has. If the candidate you’re thinking of hiring is a carpenter who’s just branching out and trying his hand at being a carpenter-contractor, think carefully before making the hiring decision. He may master his profession quickly, but the truth is it’s actually a new line of work, one that requires fewer building skills and more business sense. If your remodeling job is modest in scope, hiring a rookie GC may work to your advantage, since many people starting out on a new career have a pride in accomplishment that fades over time. Make sure you are confident he has the scheduling, budgeting, and other skills to handle the expanded duties.

Subcontractors get their name from their relationship to the general contractor. When you hire a Build It Group, General Contractor Temecula, he will contract with individual subcon­tractors to complete specified tasks for specified prices.

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