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Build It Group has The Reputation As  The Temecula Go To Construction Company

For generations, Build It Group General Contractor has been a leading construction company. We provide top-quality construction services in Temecula area and the surrounding areas. Our main priorities are to build your trust from start to finish and not waste your time or money. We believe in full transparency and prepare construction specifications that allow you to understand every aspect of your project clearly.


Our proven approach allows us to streamline communication with our clients. There is a single contract between the owner, contractor, and others who are providing expert services, such as architects, drafters, and engineers. To keep our reputation as a top construction company, we know this keeps the entire process clean and efficient.

The client is an integral part of the process. We meet with you in a highly interactive design process as we listen to your needs and vision for your remodeling project. This usually takes place over the course of 2-3 days. From these discussions, we then create a floor plan, and once the design is approved, the exterior elevations are developed. All budgetary needs are taken into account during the design phase.


All construction specifications are laid out in an easy-to-understand format, so you know each detail of the project. Once you approve the specifications, and the engineering process is finalized, the plans are submitted for permits.


Build It Group has a way of quickly becoming the construction company of choice for just about all of our clients. The reason why, we know what we’re doing, love what we do, we’re easy to work with, provide full-services and outstanding work. Being on-time and on-budget is standard operating procedure for us. It’s how we’ve done things for generations. When it comes to a construction project, no one likes a surprise. We don’t and neither do you.

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