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A New Deck Remodel Your Family Will Enjoy All Year

There is nothing better than hanging out with your friends or family outside on your deck. Choosing an experienced deck builder will make all the difference. If you’re grilling, watching the sunset, or listening to a game watching kids play, a deck remodel is a great place for all.

A deck remodel is an excellent addition to your home. There are countless deck design ideas that would make a great addition to your home.

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A custom deck remodel is an enticing idea. If you want a deck that inspires awe from your neighbors and friends, calling a professional is an easy first step. The experts at Build It Group more than twenty years of experience in the Temecula area.

If you want a custom deck remodel, here are some incredible deck ideas that would make any backyard an oasis.


A deck remodel can be the perfect place for relaxing. You can make your backyard oasis with a custom deck and landscaping. Choose a beautiful deck design, like a wrap around porch, to take advantage of the space you have.

Once the deck remodel is finished, you can bring in the decor. Look for oversized chairs with comfortable cushions. A perfectly placed umbrella or two will provide shade and cool when the sun gets bright, or block the rain or snow when the weather is not great.

A fire pit adds a beautiful touch and a perfect gathering point for friends and family Plus, it will be the center of attention when the weather turns cold. Landscaping adds color and is an attractive finish the area. Who needs a vacation when you can have a staycation in your backyard?

More ways to optimize your deck for relaxing is to add in unique elements, like rock walls, awnings, fountains, or a spas. What better way to relax than with a cold drink while you hang in your spa?


Many clients do a deck remodel for a particular use. Others want some more space in their home, but building onto an existing home is a huge endeavor. A deck builder can add space and entertainment area without all the hassle of building onto your house.

Building a wrap-around deck can add a large number of square feet, maybe even double it. Ensuring there’s an overhang to protect those on the deck from the elements allows you to use the deck remodel as an extra room.

There are elements you can consider that will add dimension to your backyard and deck. A deck remodel with multiple layers will make the area feel more substantial and create some distance between points. Maybe a sitting area just outside the door, then take the stairs down to another level where a spa waits, then an even lower section with plants.

If you want a deck remodel but don’t have much space, and experienced deck builder has many ways to design a deck remodel that is beautiful and inviting. Instead of wood, consider stone pavers. A unique aspect like this will make the deck remodel look like a terrace, and you feel like you are on vacation. Combining pavers with wood will help strike a balance and make even a small deck feel like a castle.


A great reason for a deck remodel is to take advantage of your view. Many people choose their Temecula home because of what they can see standing on their deck looking out.

A deck remodel on the side of your house facing the view will allow you to enjoy that view at sunset with a glass of wine, or sunrise with a hot cup of coffee. A deck remodel with ample seating and a fire pit makes the evening unforgettable and with the views it’s something you will not regret.


A great reason many people want a deck remodel is to entertain and have a party. There are many ideas you can incorporate that will make your deck the perfect party area.

Consider a large fireplace or fire table around the outside, great for setting drinks or plates. Find an outdoor sofa and chairs that are inviting and comfortable. Of course, speakers are an absolute must. Built-in speakers are affordable and will help create a dancing atmosphere.

Whatever deck design ideas you have, Build It Group Deck Builder staff will help bring your dream to life. You will be able to enjoy your deck remodel year round. Call them today for a free estimate. Don’t wait, your deck remodel is waiting!

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