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Tenant Improvement Contractor Temecula

Build It Group General Contractor is a full service tenant improvement contractor for the Temecula area. We are working with commercial building owners, property managers, tenants, real estate agents and homeowners. We will remove the headaches of new construction and remodeling and will manage all the trades and services throughout the entire project.

We will meet prior to any contracts being signed.  Pre-construction services include functional reality checks, budget management, line item review of the whole scope of work that is to be accomplished, construction scheduling, materials identification and anything else that helps to minimize or eliminate the problems that cause scheduling mistakes and budget overruns.

Build It Group has established itself as Southern California’s leading tenant improvement general contractor. We dedicate every project to assembling a staff of motivated professionals with an in-depth knowledge of tenant improvement construction. We develop the sophisticated systems that are required to complete all of our projects on time and within the established budget.

Tenant Improvement Negotiation and Construction

First, we start with an overview of the TI (Tenant Improvement) negotiation process and then work through the construction project overview.

Tenant Improvement ideas to discuss the following topics:

  1. The Turn-Key Build Out – Its a great situation for tenants, but its becoming more difficult to find as economic situations improve and there is increasing demand for space.
  2. Rentable vs. Usable – This discusses the per square foot allowance tenants may be given for improvements and how that relates to rentable space, including common area, and usable space.
  3. Whats Included – Does the TI allowance include materials, repainting walls, doors, HVAC, architectural, permits, project management, etc.?  How is the allowance disbursed?  Some TI’s may include furnishings.  Its also possible that some of the allowance may be used at a later point in the lease if not used immediately.
  4. Substantial Completion – Its important to make sure that timing of the completion and usability of the rental space coincide with the beginning of rental payments by the tenant.  Many factors may influence this timeline including permitting, architecture, construction, etc.
  5. Additional Costs – There may be cost overruns on the improvements.  Its important to have a mutually agreed upon approach and plan in place for this contingency.  Is there a buildout allowance cap?  Are there associated project management fees, etc.?

Once we have discussed and negotiated the tenant improvements its time to begin the construction planning and management of the project.

Depending on the size and scope of the tenant improvement we will need to begin with design, planning, and construction cost estimation. You will have an experienced, licensed team with Build It Group General Contractor. We are familiar with the building codes and regulations for the Temecula area where we will have the work done in order to ensure that you meet the municipalities requirements for design and permitting.

We will help manage the design and planning aspects and can guide you through the process of ensuring all building codes and ADA requirements are satisfied.

The next step is construction cost estimating. When you begin the process of finding a tenant improvement contractor to complete your tenant improvements there are some specific items you should be looking or asking for:

  • Is the contractor licensed?
  • Are they insured?
  • Can they give you references?
  • Examples of similar tenant improvement projects they have completed in the past?
  • How long have they been in business?

Based on your specifications Build It Group can provide you with a preliminary cost estimate.  It is important to realize that until projects are ready to submit to the city for final approval, it is not possible to give a completely accurate final cost estimate.  Changes to the plans that occur before they are submitted often cause the cost estimates for TI Projects to vary.

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